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I was at a Music Store today and I tried out these wicked Homemade Guitar Straps. I strapped it onto a Les Paul to see how it would hang on me. (I'm getting a LP-Style Guitar soon) and even at the maximum length of 55 inches, it was too short. I'm a big fella and it only reached my belly, and I like to my guitar around the crotch area. (like Jimmy Page) So I EMailed the guy who makes these straps and asked him if he has any around 65-70 inches, and he EMailed me back and told me he had one in 76 inches and that's it.

My question is: Should I go for it? They are wicked straps, but expensive. Will the buckle dig into my back while I'm playing? (The buckle is steel not plastic)

Just want some advice.

-Major Bludd
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I am tall and have a 55 inch strap. And play a les paul and like it in the crotch area. I tied a string on the back side of the strap and tied it to my strap button and duct taped that there... so that is a potential solution.
The buckle will cause irritation but I've yet to find a strap that doesn't. Les Pauls are heavy guitars, no matter what the brand. I play my agile sitting down because of the strap irritation, and I use planet waves synthetic straps, no buckles at all and they still irritate my back and shoulders. Being a bigger guy, it shouldn't be as much a problem for you though. I'm 5'8 and 120 lbs so I'm a pretty small dude, any strap wears me out.

It's really a personal question, if you like the way the 55 felt but it was just too short, you could go for the 76 but be warned, the lower your guitar is the more stress you put on your shoulders, neck and back. I play around my waistline, so it's still a little higher than you do but not exactly Tom Morello high. I've noticed lower guitars take longer to wear me down, but when they do it's killer. Higher guitars will immediately start to tire me out but won't ever get quite as bad as a low guitar.
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Go for it if its what you like, i like to wear my guitar relatively high, kinda like john petrucci height..
The strap I tried was just a little too short for me. 10 more inches would have been pretty much perfect, but this strap is a whole 21! I just want to know if the buckle would dig into my back or anything.

Maybe I'll ask him if he could shorten it a bit. I mean, he makes them, right? Shouldn't be that hard to shorten it a bit!

-Major Bludd
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By the way, link to this guys straps? I'm just sorta curious, and assuming he has a website, hook us up eh?

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My Tempest has a cliplock on it, and I must say it is awesome. Check it out if you want something a little different.
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Budd, that buckle looks fine, there is no real edges to dig into your shoulder. I would trust it to be comfortale. Is it 2 1/2 inches? Those are my fav.
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Those little 2" nylon straps are ok on light guitars but not for a LP. Get a good 3 1/2" suede strap, preferrably two ply. Any leather manufacturer could knock one up for you and probably cost you less than a music shop. Enguire at a saddlery. You won't regret it, your shoulder will thank you.
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Stick to the best you can get in a shop. Levy's MSS3 in XL length will give 50 - 65 inch length. No metal to make dings and scratches and the suede helps it stay in place.
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