I just bought and received a MIM strat and its a pretty decent playing guitar but im still looking to upgrade. Im going to get a set of texas special pickups as the first step but im curious for further upgrades.

what kind of additional upgrades should i be after?

i want to get new tuners, a new bridge, and new nut.

any ideas of what kinds?
Well, no point in upgrgading what doesn't need it, so what do you feel would need the most improvement.

Also, set it up really nice, that will help a lot. And maybe add something different into the wiring, such as a series/parallel switch or push pull pot for the pickups.


Relic or custom paint job?

If you want to, maybe you can change the tremolo to a floyd rose or just block it up

And EMG makes some good tonal non-pickup goodies, check out their EXG and SPC, although I'm not sure if they'll work with anything but actives or EMGs
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i have a Mim Strat. I suggest upgrading the saddles. some of the saddles cant even hold the strings in correct intonation, even with the lightest gauge strings, but that could just be me.

Also what genre do you mostly play?
You need to upgrade what you feel needs upgrading, if it doesn't hold tuning, get new tuners and/or bridge, that sort of thing. I have a strat and i'm probably going to get a better bridge with decent saddles and block it, it's whatever you need mate.
dont the MIM strats come with a weak-ass trem block? get a beefier one if youve got a trem. other than that, it depends on what needs upgrading.