We just bought a Pod Studio UX-1 today and we still arent sure what the hell we are doing. Mainly I plan on just figuring it out, but, when we hooked a 4X12 cab to it, it would only makes noise if it was plugged into the headphone jack and it sounds like crap and is quiet. It also wont make noise on its own through the computer speakers. Will it get loud through a 4X12 or is it only for recording and sounds like poo?
Wow. Where to begin.

Ok. It's only for recording.

The UX-1 is a computer audio interface. It is not an amp and it is not an effects unit for an amp. It's not supposed to hook up to a cabinet. Cabinets require a much hotter signal (aka one from an amp) - headphone outputs are just line level.

To make it play through your computer speakers, you need to:

A) Hook it up to your computer
B) Go into your computer's audio properties and change the Default Playback sound device to the UX-1.
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