Alright ive been working through the Hal Leonard Bass Method 1 book, along with the exercises in the Bass Fitness book.

Ive got a little bit of money and I want to get me some materials that to last me for quite a while. My main bit if playing is with a praise and worship band, so I was looking at the Bass Blueprints book for assistance on writing bass lines to go with chord notes(i will be doing a lot of that). I also want to start learning some funk style bass, because that is bass at its absolute best and I absolutely LOVE that style of music. I was also looking at the Hal Leonard Funk Bass book to start me off with that. Also, should I continue along the Bass Method book series?

Now I know some of you are going to say that I should get lessons. That would be preferrable I know, but it is presently out of the picture. I currently know music fairly well, but am working on just learning the instrument and its role.