ive been playing guitar for a while and im really into metal/ rock. i noticed a lot of the players listen to classical music and then bring it in the their solos and stuff. i was just wondering what would be some good classical music to start listen to????
The ones would you would usually hear is stuff by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini. as for classical guitar the usual well known ones are composers like albeniz, granados, tarrega, heitor villa-llobos. thats a decent start.
Classical Guitarist
For classical guitarists I would suggest you listen to compositions by:
Fernando Sor
Mauro Giuliani
Fransisco Tarrega
Johann Kaspar Mertz
Matteo Carcassi
Niccolo Paganini

Sorry if I misspelled any of their names
If you are looking for ideas on how to blend classical into rock, listen to some Yes from the 70's or their keyboard player, Rick Wakeman. Also, try "Beethoven's Last Night" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Probably, you can poke around and find them for free, as they are old (like me) lol.
have a listen to João Pernambuco's compositions, possibly my favourite classical guitar composer.
Augustin Barrios
Roland Dyens
Luigi Legnani
J.S. Bach
Matteo Carcassi
Nikita Koshkin

Those guys are great composers, good pieces to look up by them...

By Barrios:
La Catedral
Estudio 3

By Dyens
His Libra Sonatine, Fuoco is particularly exciting
Tango En Skai
His arrangement of A Night In Tunisia.

By Legnani:
Any of his 36 caprices, 1, 7 and 15 are particularly good though.

Introduction and Caprice

The Hummingbird (El Colibri)

Any of his lute suites, the gigue from BWV 996 is excellent and the entirety of BWV 1006a and BWV 997 are fantastic aswell. These are just lute suites by the way.

Listen to his studies, they're great!

Nikita Koshkin:
The Fall Of Birds
Usher Waltz
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where can I find this composition by Mauro Giuliani in a simple guitar tab:
rossiniana no. 2 opus no 120.
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