ive been looking for a compression/sustain pedal that can give my guitar a lot of sustain
i play classic rock and alternative rock so i dont want it to have to much country sound, but again with plenty of sustain (almost like a boost pedal)

is the dyna comp what im looking for? by the way, basically, what do the knobs do?
I have a dyna comp and I love it. It adds a good amount of sustain along with that percussive, clicky sound. Higher notes really pop with it too. As for the knobs, the one on the left is basically a volume knob and the one on the right controls how sensitive the effect is (e.g. how large the input from your guitar is before it compresses it). I've also heard good things about the silk-screen reissue, so I would look into that if I were you. But as always: try before you buy!
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