Does anyone have experience with these models? How does the humbucker sound in the bridge, or would it be better to just install a hotrail into a SSS strat.
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My uncle has a MIM fat strat like that and I like the humbucker on it!
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If you want a humbucker tone, the generic humbucker in the HSS Strat is going to do it better than a Hot Rails will. Despite what manufacturers claim, single-sized humbuckers do not sound like humbuckers, at least not like traditional, full-sized humbuckers. They actually sound like a cross between minibuckers and Firebird pickups; they are always significantly brighter and thinner-sounding than a full humbucker. This is simply because of their size. They detect a shorter length of the string and so they will always sound thinner. If you want the full humbucker tone, you have to use a full humbucker.

So just go for it. Even if you don't like the tone of the stock humbucker, you could always change it; changing the stock humbucker of an HSS Strat won't cost any more than changing the bridge pickup in an SSS Strat to a Hot Rails. In fact it's easier because to fit a Hot Rails in a Strat pickguard you have to modify the hole for the pickup slightly.
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I've never liked the stock hb's in any MIM Fat Strats I've played, there was always way too much mids and it was just really hard on the ears. But a simple pickup change will fix that right away (*hint*GFS*hint*).
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don't forget you can always just get an SSS strat and then mod it for HSS. MIM Standards are routed HSS, regardless of the actual pickup config. You'd just need to get a new pickguard. The pots are probably 500k on the SSS anyway, so you won't need to worry about that either.
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I have a Schecter SSS Strat, a fender HSS Strat, and a HSH Godin SD. All three produce really great tones, so a lot of your question has to do with exactly what tone you like most and what you are attempting to create (or recreate). However, for sheer versatility of tone I think the HSH profile wins. Not that HSH is better, mind you, just more versatile.

For certain solos, the stock single coil bridge pickup sounds the most correct. It's also nice to have a Humbucker available if you want a fatter sound. You pays your money and you takes your choices. Again, think HSH if you want maximum versatility.

Even better would be a Humbucker in the neck position, a single coil in the middle, and a P-90 in the bridge position (if you can only have one guitar).
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