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I've been playing acoustic guitar for a while now using tabs and youtube. I can pretty much play any song if I'm given a tab and the correct fingerings for chords.

However, lately, I've decided this form of rote learning is pretty lame and so I'm looking to understand acoustic guitar theory. I've never had or intend to take any lessons, so I'm wondering how I'd go about this.

I stumbled on the site:

Is this a good way to learn? I've already done the first 'lesson' which is 'know your notes'. So I have learnt the notes which run up and down the fingerboard. Should I go logically down the list and learn 'the major scale' next?

If you have any other suggestions for learning guitar theory quickly I'd love to hear it. I would really love to be able to look at a chord and know how to play it and why its formed that way etc and the different progressions etc.

Thanks in advance!
Don't learn "guitar" theory, learn music theory. Learn how everything from scales to keys to everything else ... and THEN learn to apply it on guitar. www.musictheory.net has it all.
Well, first, it's not really 'guitar' theory. It's music theory. Anyways, I'd say it'd be okay to go with that site, but you can learn a lot just from the lessons in this site. Also, my favorite book, actually, Music Theory for Dummies ftw.
Thanks so much,

pwrmax, thanks for the correction, I will definately try and work my way through that site!

The.New.Guy, I didn't know there were lessons on this site, so thanks! I'll also definately need to get my hands on that book

EDIT: Also, how much of 'guitar theory' is music theory? Surely theres more to guitar than just music theory?
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The best way to learn is whatever way you learn the best. Youtube, both sites mentioned, books, they all work. For the most part the websites apply music theory in an order that you shouldn't be confused if you understood the lesson prior to the one you're on. You also have to remember that music theory doesn't make you a better guitarist, it's just one small part of a puzzle. It makes you a knowledged guitarist, which in its own way makes you better, but it doesn't help you play songs, it just helps you understand the songs. You should also try to fit in practice time for finger strength, stretches, finger economy, pick techniques.. so on and so on in order to both understand and play the guitar better.
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EDIT: Also, how much of 'guitar theory' is music theory?

All of it, theory is universal to all instruments. The only difference would be how to play certain notes on different instruments and once you learn the fretboard then any theory is applicable.