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Good to know we have representatives from the National Down Syndrome Society on our forums.
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wat!?not not really its just that some acoustics have very large frets and high action and would require more picking attack..electric guitars on the other hand are kinda of the opposite so its easier..just my opinion
yes, you'll be able to stretch wider and your left hand won't ever hurt when playing
But it's 2 different styles,sure being really good at acoustic will make it easier to play on an electric one but you wont know how to play the electric guitar good because you're not used to it.
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There are differences in technique when going between the two.

However, the reasoning some people give for acoustic before electric:
1. you cannot rely on gain/distortion/effects to give you sound. however, this also means you won't learn proper electric muting techniques until you actually practice on an electric.
2. by the time you switch to electric, your fretting finger strength will be built up enough that the thinner bendier electric strings won't phase you at all.
3. you generally are more prone to learn full chord shapes and study the proper basics rather than just resort to power chords and chugging.