So I recently bought this yamaha f335 for 25 bucks. The reason it was cheap was because of a crack. The guy said it fell down and the crack never grew at all. So I was wondering since I was going to give this to someone else as a gift how can I make the neck look almost new?

*The picture makes it look worse then it appears. Its just cracks and a little chip in the center.
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Bursh it down with sandpaper and give it a new layer of oil.

The crack's only superficial right?
I don't mean to sound insulting, but, how much experience do you have with finishing musical instruments? I spent one summer repairing and refinishing violins, and, while that wasn't enough to make me a master luthier, it was enough to know that it's not the same as refinishing furniture. Although, for the price, it would make good practice. You just want to make sure that you don't damage the wood.

You should probably do the entire neck and headstock, so it looks uniform. Probably common sense, but, remove the strings and tuning hardware before beginning. The luthier that I studied under used mineral spirits and steel wool to remove the old finish, then lightly sanded the entire surface with fine sandpaper, following the grain of the wood. With that guitar, regular furniture stain should do. Apply two to three coats of colored stain, followed by two to three clear coats for a glossy finish. Let it sit in a ventilated, dust-free location overnight between coats, and a couple days after the final clear coat.

Or, you might be able to just fill it in using varnish of the same color as the existing varnish and a fine paintbrush. That would be faster, but might not look as clean. Again, you would probably need to do multiple coats.
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Bursh it down with sandpaper and give it a new layer of oil.

The crack's only superficial right?

yes it is only superficial. Is there a certain oil I should use?