Looking to sell my Epiphone Zakk Wylde Buzzsaw Les Paul. It has been upgraded significantly, modifications include:
- Pickups replaced with EMG 81/85 set and wired with 18V config (2 New batteries installed today)
- Fitted with CGE pots and Orange Drop caps, wired in with vintage style cloth covered wire.
- Switchcraft toggle switch and stereo output jack
- Full fret levelling and fret dress by a professional tech
- Bridge and tailpiece replaced with higher quality Gotoh parts
- Included in the sale is a hiscox Les Paul hardcase, also leather strap and used guitar stand, and a zakk wylde A1 size poster. Also spare EMG 25k pots, black plastic output jackplate.

The guitar is in very good condition. It has one or 2 very minor marks on the back, but I struggled to get them to show in a photo - there is no buckle rash.



Looking for £495 delivered for the guitar + case + extras mentioned above. Or £470 if collected from Peterborough. Not really looking for any trades at the moment, but mention them anyway just in case something grabs my attention!

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