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Part A:
Living all these days in sorrow/Living all these days in dark
I would die to live tomorrow/You would kill to unlock the past
Part B:
Who am I?/Am I hollow?
Take the pain/Vanquish the sorrow!
Part C (Pre Chorus):
Take me,take me from my hand
And lead me to the promised land!
So tomorrow will be cold/A gray will take the hold!
I’m standing on my own/I’m ending up once again alone!
Part D:
Teach me what is right and wrong/Then I go on on my own
The future may have gone/But my past’s waiting to unfold!
Part E:
So come with me n’ fly/We gonna rip the sky
It will be our trip through time/We’ll leave the material world behind!

Pre Chorus/Chorus x2/Solo
Part F:
Don’t tell me about future!/It only brings me down!
I finally understand/I would die to return to the past!
Ending (Verse):
If my loneliness lies in my future/I’d rather clad in dark
But if I had the chance to do one thing
This would be a return to my past…