It is hot but for almost a 1000 dollars which is about 600 pounds if im not mistaken you could do better.
Wouldn't go for it.
You might want to try a guitar shop near your house to try and see what guitar is right for you, just ask the shop owner to try out some guitars.
I prefer the white with gold hardware one personally. It's only £450 aswell. which is $690.
For Australia, I'd say that that is actually pretty good for that sort of guitar. Yes, I know we get ripped off majorly down here with guitar prices, you just have to search about heaps for the good prices. Most the Epi LP Customs I've seen have been $1500, so I'd say you've got a good deal from that place, but if you go Billy Hyde, which a lot of the time are a bit more expensive, get them to match the price.