I'm looking for an amp that can nail more extreme metal tones such as Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Extreme Prog Metal, and some Black Metal and Modern Thrash.

The only requirements I have for an amp are: Two channels or more, great build quility and reliable customer service/repair, and just all around great clean and overdrive tones.

My Price range is $1000-1500 but will go up to $2000 if the amp is worth it. The amp will be played through either an Avatar 2x12, Orange 2x12, or Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 cabinet (all have V30s in them).
Cannibal Corpse uses mesa triple rectifiers, ya cant really go wrong with one of those, if ya can't find a used one in your price range pretty much anything by engl
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+1, I have no idea how much it costs, but i've heard the Framus Cobra has a good metal tone.

Also: Maybe a mesa markIV/V?

Oh, and don't be afraid to buy used. Got my 5150II for 600 that way and its in great condition.
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Not a fan of Peavey's 5150/6505 line and I am looking at both new and used. Any other suggestions?