Wrote this a few years back. It's only a short blues song. I've just put a video on youtube of me playing it on ukulele if it helps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2notmnRYmpk

I left my sweetheart down on 7th street
With a man who I didn't really care to meet
She said it's gone, it's gone why can't you see?
I thought she was wrong, but I could feel her laughing at me.

I left my sweetheart down on 7th street
My love was springtime and hers was summer heat
My faith is key but it doesn't open any doors
And she's not my sweetheart, she's not my sweetheart anymore.

So why, baby, why,
Can't I just stay by your side?
Honey I was just a kid
With heartbreak on my mind.