Im getting a acoustic guitar and im looking at Yamaha. From what ive read there good value for money, and not too expensive. I still class myself as a learner all tho iv had a strat for a year and a half. The acoustics im looking at are the APX series and the FG 730s from yamaha there both solid tops and from reviews iv read they sound good..So anyone with any experience in both guitars would help me a lot to choose..Also as i stated im still learning so which is the easy to play..Cheers Guys
Not familiar with that series, but my wife owns an older Yamaha acoustic. For a $500 acoustic, it's not that bad.
Yamaha has consistently made good, solid instruments. I've had three... My current axe is the cheaper APX model, the APX-500. Acoustically, it's adequate, and plugged in... Well, you can modify the sound however you like.
I didn't play any of the higher-end models...300.00 bucks was what I had in my pocket!
I have the yamaha FG730s, and it is a joy to play. The sound when fingerpicked is beautiful but when strummed it's a little too bright for my taste, but still great, and ofcourse for the price you can't go wrong! Good luck with finding your guitar.

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the apx's - and any thinlines - don't sound that good unplugged. if you want good unplugged sound, and those are the choices, go with the FG730s. it's a good guitar with a solid top, great sound and build quality and a nice finish. if you want more choices, check out seagull and blueridge. neither brand has a poor choice, and some of the seagulls have a wider neck you may find easier and more fun to play.
Thanks for your feedback guys.I have VT15 vox amp so the APX would be fine.But i still like the look of the FG730..after the info of you guys i think i could go either way and not make a big mistake which ever guitar i make.. The only guitar iv had is a strat and iv had that nearly 2 year now and i still class myself has a learner even tho i think my fingers are much stronger and im playing chords i coudent play before..I like to finger pick a guitar hence going to Acoustic.So thanx again for your feedback guys.. Cheers
I have 2 Yamaha acoustics myself and they are both great in their own ways. One is on the brighter, punchier side and the other is warm and melow. I've had them both for about 5 years and they've helf up beautifully. For the price it's worth it.
Yeah i like that mellow sound myself. Im not too bothered about plugging in thro a amp .Iv just read that the APX series is better plugged in..Thats why i may go for the FG Guitar. I guess we all are still learning yeah..I think it takes a while to get the strength in your fingers. I guess thats why a lot of ppl give up after 6 or 7 month..But i love the feel and sound of the guitar so i.ll keep at it..Cheers again guys
the point isn't that it's better plugged in - the point is it's not very good unplugged. if you're planning to go unplugged, the fg730s sounds much better.