I'm joining a band as a bassist and we're going to be gigging pretty regularly (often more than once a week) and normally end up at the top of bills rather than the bottom. Problem is the amp i have currently doesn't quite cut it. (60w combo that i got given for free, it's over 25yrs old now)

I have a max budget of £500 and need to be heard over a drummer, also needs a line out for putting into a PA (i guess that's standard). I'd like it to be on the portable side so i will easily fit in a car, but that is definitely second fiddle to sound quality

At that price i assume i'm looking at combo amps. What the view of the:
roland cube 100
Ampeg BA115
Hughes Kettner BK200
Hartke hydrive 112

I've read reviews of them obviously, but was wondering you guys opinion?
Are these all a bit too small for playing gigs of up to 250 people? (normally less but depends where we play...)

(I play Indie rock/Hard rock on a Stingray or Jazz bass)
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I would not do the cube, 100 watts is not much headroom. I'd look for 200-300 watts if you are gigging. I can't comment on the Hughes and Kettner. As for the Ampeg? It's ok, but you have better choices in your price range.

The Hartke seems to be the only one on there that I really like. But even then I'm not sure I'd go for it.

Since you're in the UK I took a look and found this for you, fits within your budget, loud, heard the quality and sound is pretty good, providing you can actually eq your bass well.

Link is http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/37144-ashdown-mag-c410t-300-evo-ii-combo.html
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You might want to consider looking second hand, you can get some really top notch gear second hand, I picked up an Ashdown ABM 500 4x10 half stack for £400 and recently bought the rig in my sig for £350. Either use ebay, www.gumtree.com or www.craigslist.co.uk
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Try out a GK MB 210. I just got one today. There 350 watts and they have an extension for another cab which can make it 500 watts. Its light weight and sounds AWSOME!
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like what JF-SH1 said, if you want to buy new, then the MAG 4x10 is probably your best bet for your budget. Dolphin dont seem to have it in stock, and iirc they charge for delivery, but thomann do free delivery, and its in stock http://www.thomann.de/gb/ashdown_magc410t300.htm

Personally though, i would definitely go secondhand. You can get a serious rig for 500 second hand, especially if you have time to search.
Laney RB8, Ashdown Mag, Line 6 (if your into that kind of amp) - a few brands that do cheap bass amps that will be powerful enough for what you need. If you can get anything higher end used I'd go for that like the guy above said, but if you can't find owt or you want brand new, these are some amps you should look at (I have the laney RB8 myself)