Im looking for a fuzz pedal. Im a big prog rock guy but the tone i would be going for is similar to a silversun pickup tone with a bunch of fuzz but i dont think i want exactly the pedals they have because i want my own sound. I want a fuzz that works more for chords than soloing as most of my solos will be made up of chords rather than single notes. So i want a fuzz pedal that is more fuzz than distortion/gain sounding. Ive looked at that Zvex Vexter Fuzz Factory and the Electro Harmonix Big Muff and the london fuzz. What are your opinions of these and are there any other ones you would recommend.
Silversun Pickups are the dug's baws. Lovely band.

The only one of those I've had experience with is the Big Muff and I love it. Great for big wall of noise type sounds but notes are distinguished too. I would recommend it.

I also know Brian uses a Dunlop Red Llama, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to get one. Also look into Devi Ever.
Fuzz factory is abit more machine like if you ask me, I don't really like it at all, you might though, think Muse.

A Big Muff Pi would be perfect for Silversun Pickups type stuff.

But if you want your own sound, there are literally hundreds of fuzz pedals to choose from.
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Fuzz Factory - Muse-tastic but not best with chords.
Big Muff - Good with leads and chords, especially power chords.

Perhaps you should consider a more basic fuzz face type pedal. Otherwise, I would recommend the muff. In fact, I'm considering selling my muff if you live in England?
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Have yo heard the Germanium 4 Big Muff? Sounds phenomenal in the clips IMO
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Musket fuzz can be used to emulate a ton of different fuzz pedals. I can get both muff and fuzz face sounds out of it, check it out.
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ok thanks to all the replies. the big thing im looking for is more bass and less drive/gain. i dont want my fuzz pedal to be basically a modified distortion pedal. i did like the big muff a lot when i went to guitar center the problem was that was the only fuzz pedal they had out that you could play on so i couldnt see if there were other ones i liked better.
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^The London Fuzz is a Fuzz Face.

I recommend a Big Muff of some sort. Particularly Stomp Under Foot.

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if you want a more fuzzy distortion that works awesomely for liquid leads, massive chords, and just awesome tone in general i'd go for a SUF pedal.
check out Monsterpiece fuzz pedals
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