hi im new member i have few questions im trying top learn guitar nearly 3 month but i cant devoloping my picking speed my picking movement is wrong i think can you help me with exercise-song picking vids true holding and wrist or arm movement idk which is true anything else i want to improove my speed as like Jari Maenpaa ^^ thank you
Picking speed comes with time and effort, don't focus on practicing it but instead, focus on your accuracy and the fluency of your playing. Those will, with time, evolve into "speed"
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1. Get a metronome
2. Play to it slowly
3. Speed up as your playing becomes clean
4. Repeat

You've only been playing for three months. It's nothing to do with your technique at this point and everything to do with your body (hands) not being used to moving as you're trying to make them.
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i m playing at max 110 bpm when i up to 120 my hand get spasm it isnt wrong?
ok ty for advice all will start again slowly and clean should i move my frist or thumb?
A) There is NO WAY you're playing cleanly at 120bpm after 3 months, unless you're doing one note for every click, i suppose that'd be possible.

Secondly, speed isn't made out of lego - you can't just 'build' it. Just play small, play smooth, play clean, and speed will come.
i didnt say i play clean but when i try 120 i cant play but on my max speed my hand get stunned
i will check this article ty
You don't play clean? Then i'm afraid you don't play that fast, end of story. You're only as fast as the fastest speed you can play cleanly at.
im ready to give this time i like this but i know i m doing mistakes :/ anyone can you link speed building mistake article?

This one is also good.


The main point is this though, there is absolutely no point worrying about speed so early on. You have to get to grips with the sheer mechanics of playing the guitar and that takes longer than 3 months. Once that's ou tof the way you have to spend time learning to play the darn thing...learning how it works musically, learning about basic stuff like strumming patterns, chords, key techniques like bending, and hammering on not to mention simple picking. And whilst you're getting your head round that you also need to be putting it all together by playing some songs.

The kind of speed you're aspiring to is years away, put it to one side for the time being because concerning yourself with it at this early stage isn't going to benefit you at all.
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honestly, ive never really used a metronome and ive built my speed up to around 13-15 nps, 15 being were i top out in most cases. for me, speed has come from being accurate and not really focusing too much on actually "being" fast. i find if i focus on the actual lines im playing, and not just try to move as fast as i can, it comes more easily. just focus on making the things you practice habitual. when that happens, speed comes naturally in a sense. the less you have to put effort in to playing a line or a scale and the more you can play it without really thinking, the faster you can eventually do it.

im not saying dont use a metronome, im just saying that really its the practice of being accurate and building habitual movements than lead to speed. just using a metronome wont automatically make you fast.