Well I have a ESP 7 string F Series with a floyd.....and Even though I have it blocked I really just don't care for it. I really want to install a Tune O Matic on it (with stop tail peice) and just kinda work around the floyd hole (maybe install some lights or something it the hole space) But I just wanted to know if it is possible.

I have a decent amount of experience customizing guitars...but I have never attempted something like this!

Any advice would be awesome
It will be costly and risky. the floyd tremolo is routed where the TOM bridge and tailpiece is supposed to be if its recessed but if its not recessed it'll still be a problem with the TOM. Just block the tremolo with a block thats your only choice
It is possible. You will need to uninstall the trem, glue in pieces of wood to fill up the cavity and refinish the guitar. Then, just install the TOM and you wont have a FR hole. If you wanted lights, then you can just drill holes for them. If you currently have a natural finish, it wont look nice, so you may want to paint it a different colour.
It'll be something like this, only a TOM instead of hardtail:
I've done that for my seven string. If you've got the time and a router, it's quite an easy job to be done. But I'm guessing for you to have a TOM in the guitar you have drill the TOM a bit deaper than normally, if you know what I mean.