Hey guys.

Just wondering how to do these.
I've looked at quite a few videos but still have some unanswered questions.

Where is the string supposed to hit the thumb?
(Nail end, knuckle end... Near the base of nail/top of nail etc)

And is the thumb supposed to rest on the other guitar strings or only touch the one your pinching?

And any other tips on how to this would help.


And with pull-offs.
Is the pull of finger meant to rest on the lower string or come straight up off the string without touching the lower string?

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the string is supposed to hit the side of your thumb right where the joint is in the middle of your thumb. and the thumb just taps the string it doesn't rest on it
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What I do for pinch harmonics is that I just bring my fingers so closer that they're almost touching and grip the pick quite hard. For your pull-off question, do you mean frets instead of strings?
No I definately mean strings.

Say if I'm doing and e to d pull of. Fret 5 to 3 on the b string.
With my 2 and 4th finger.

Should my pinky then rest on the e string. Or come over the top of the e string?
I learned Pinch Harmonix in 15 mins . i think you should just concentrate more on the technique than opinions of others .
Dude it's not the opinions of others I'm worried about, it's how to do it.
So yeah, great advice. (Boasting, followed by uselessness.)