So after our fail whale of a last contest, let's try again with something a little less abstract k?!

So it's summer, and depending on your current state of affairs, that means you're either home, away from home, wishing you weren't home, or on vacation.

Or maybe you're homeless, but that cardboard box down by the bridge is a home too.

Summer 2010 Contest II - Home

Write and record one song pertaining to Home in some way.

Recordings due by August 31st, voting will begin soon after

Sign up and submit your recordings in this thread! Most of all, have fun!
I'll do one this time too, promise. Maybe this time I won't get dumped while dealing with three jobs and my best friend being hundreds of miles away, and I'll actually be able to focus. Woo!
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
hmm, wonder if this contest will end up any different from the last one... will wait and see.
<3 u
so are we in the "i'll give you an extra week to get more entries in" phase of the contest?

think i have something, just need to find some quiet time to record it.
<3 u

"I don't have an instrument, I don't have a great voice, I just have some nice clothes maybe." paul rutherford
yeah, pretty much....

lack of response and time and school equals bleh

We'll pick these up again eventually, maybe for winter holiday break?