So yeah, I've been excited about this since I found it (And I'm usually the last person to find out about things, so humor me and pretend this is news to you), and have been dying to gossip about it with my fellow guitarists.

As you know, Rock Band 3 has two confirmed guitar controllers. One of them is a Fender Mustang, but there's buttons for frets, so forget that. Nay, I'm here to discuss the Squier Stratocaster Pro.


Now, when I read about this at first, I only knew the basics. Real guitar, yadda yadda yadda...Then, they said the game could track each string.

"Now wait a second, that sounds like a hex pup..I wonder if this thing is gonna have MIDI capability?"

Lo and behold, one of the photographs on that page shows a MIDI Out on this guitar. I haven't found anything confirming how the Strat Pro will behave as a MIDI controller, but hell, if the output's there, it's pretty inevitable, amirite?

Now, there no longer has to be any butt-hurtedness over the status of the YouRock Guitar. This appears to be the real deal. But, I am curious to your opinions:

-What do you think the price will be on this thing?

-How effective will the tracking be? (I figure that since it has to be good enough to track input for a rhythm game, MIDI tracking would be exceptional. )

Discuss, my brethren.
MIDI tracking> rhythm game inputs. Trust me. I use GH drums as midi drums and it delays quite a bit which is kinda annoying. But seriously, just buy a REAL midi guitar. Then it can sound like ANY instrument of which you have VST.
This is a functional guitar, and if this has a hex pickup and a MIDI out, wouldn't it qualify as a real midi guitar? Or are you saying, a guitar SPECIFICALLY built for synth, without this video-game crap?
you should buy a line 6 ux 2 or something, it replicates alot of good amps and sounds awesome
Velcro Man, I have a TonePort GX, and amp modeling is pretty sick! But the main reason I want a MIDI guitar is to control synths and VSTs, something a standard guitar can't do (Unless you get an audio-to-midi VST, which has sketchy results.) Ideally, I want to be able to control NES Chiptune-style instruments using a guitar. I made an 8-bit Fuzz patch for Line 6 Gearbox but the feedback is atrocious. With a VST, I could achieve perfection.

Zeletros, I see your point. But, if it does end up having great tracking, this thing is good enough for me!
just invest in a real system if you want it. but the thing is the system wont kill your wallet, its all the other things you need to go with it for it to work right.
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My friend's band experimented using a GH controller for the Wii. He connected it to his computer with blue tooth and programmed all the buttons to work like a synth. The only thing he couldn't do was make the whammy work smoothly.

SO there's a chance this could work for a real life situation... I really wonder how it will even do, considering most people who play RockBand don't play real guitar
Doesn't Roland make a midi pup? Anyways, I tried a few, the lag on low notes is annoying but on higher notes it's ok. I was doing some classical stuff with piano sounds and stuff, quite cool. That was years ago.