I like it; the slide show was a nice touch! I really like the vibe around the two minute mark, where you add what sounds like a harp sound, with a staccoto violin part in the backround. For some reason, this makes me think of the old Square rpgs from back in the day. I can almost see the Secret of Mana title screen now!

At any rate, I enjoyed! Why no love for the bottom end of the sound spectrum though? Tubas and trombones can be happy sounding too you know! A break from the swirling violin melodies would be great for expanding on the diversity of the sound. If not that, then just a simple, even-tempo piano interlude would also sound great if done properly.

Kudos though! Always nice to hear some classically inspired music!


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You've got a point... I think some tubas and trumpets might fit here. Thanks man!!! And yes, I'll critique your song!
Nice - but the sort of reverb on the keyboard at the beginning is a bit ott for me - it sounds like the recording is dropping out. Just my 2p.
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