Hey UG community people! I want to know your guyses oppinions and thoughts on different overdrive pedals. I have the Fullbore Metal pedal and it sounds like a load of shit. Too harsh for me, just a waste of money. So i want to try an overdrive pedal. Idk which to get cause i hear good and bad things about all of them. the amp head im using (if that is important for you guys to know, im not sure) is the Peavey Transtube supreme. thanks guys
I'm not sure what you're asking, but if you are trying to use the overdrive to push your amp, then you're going to have to buy a different amp because you can't push a SS amp like a tube amp, even with "transtube technology".

If you think you can get a metal tone from using an overdrive pedal alone, then you're going to have to either buy three and stack them.

personally, I don't like a lot of overdrives because they're all just tubescreamer clones. I like the OD pedals with scoopier mids like an MXR Wylde OD, a Boss BD-2 or a Dano Transparent OD. I use a lot of mids on my amp, so when you throw more mids on top of that with the TS clones, it just sounds like a muddy mess.

A lot of metal oriented amps are have a natural mid scoop, so it's common to see guys pushing amps like 6505s with tubescreamers to compensate.
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You're not gonna get a straight up modern high gain tone with just an OD, you can get really crunchy and articulate distortion but an overdrive alone won't get you the tone youre looking for. The fullbore definitely isn't the best distortion pedal out there. I suggest getting (assuming you'd like to keep your amp) a Barber Dirty Bomb or like a Hardwire TL-2 (although if you have the money, a Zvex box of metal would be amazing)

All that being said, I play metal and I enjoy a more crisp, mid-heavy distortion so I run a fulldrive 2 through the clean channel of my amp.
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