I've been playing bass for a few months now, and I notice that whenever I play my bass for a good amount of time, I develop a rash where I rest my arm so I can fingerpick.
Not itchy or anything, just red and a tiny bit swollen.

I was just wondering if this is a normal thing from having my arm rested on that one spot for so long, or is it possible that I might be allergic to my guitars paint/finish?
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Hmm, I've never heard of that.
Maybe if you switch up where you anchor your thumb during gigs (maybe from bridge pickup to neck pickup) you might experience it less,
or maybe this is a terrible idea and you'll get two marks.
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This definitely sounds like some kind of allergic reaction. A similar situation: I had a watch with a nickel back when I was young, and after a month I had a red blotch in the shape of the watch on my wrist. I took it off, put some cloth on the bottom, and never had a problem again. I would suggest trying to find a way to put something in between the bass and your arm, or finding a way to avoid touching it. It doesn't sound like anything more serious than a little irritation, but I'd imagine you'd want it to stop. Talk to a doctor if you can't make it stop on your own. Good luck

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^ That's probably your best idea. If I were you I'd wear a wristband while playing. That would keep your skin from touching the bass and wouldn't look bad.
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Well, I'm still just learning and not actively playing gigs yet. :P
But yea, it's an easily solvable problem, just wear a sweater/long sleeves/wristband or whatever. Of course I don't really fancy the idea of playing something that I'm allergic to...
I was just wondering if this was normal or not. Now I suppose the next step would be to eventually see a doctor and see if I can isolate exactly what's causing this, and then maybe sell this bass and buy one that doesn't have that particular paint/finish or whatever it is.

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them?
My gear:
Squier Affinity Jazz Bass
Fender Rumble 15
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I get a picking rash from my old bass, but that was more irritated skin cos the finish had chipped away right where my arm was. I solved it by stopping anchoring at all

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thi shappened to me when playing my slab style bodied vangaurd for a while. just don't anchor your arm there.
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