HELP me! ha guys im in such a rut right now. ive been playing for about 3 serious years and im stuck right now. i cant seem to figure out what i should be doing to get better or what to focus on. theres just so much i want to learn and work on but i just dont know where to start ya know? im just fustrated. everything i play sounds awful to me, i seem like i play the same licks over and over. If you guys could help it would be soooo appreciated. Thanks guys!
It would help if told the forum what you can do now technique wise, and what you would like to be able to do in the future.

Set goals for yourself. Practice. But make it fun. YouTube has literally thousands of "How-To" videos covering Id say every single guitar technique imaginable.

If you hear a song on the radio you like, try and learn it. Thats how I get better. Learning new music pushes me to teach my fingers new positions and new techniques.
I dont really know theory very well at all. you could probably say i know shit about it. ive tried to understand it. but i have no idea where to start. and techniques wise. just legato and sweeps and a few pentatonic stuff. not much really. thats my problem.
Man I am in EXACTLY the same boat... Stuck in a rut... What I'm trying to do at the minute for a change is to learn songs exactly, all the way through with every little odd note and trying to get them to sound better in general rather than making my interpretation of the tabs and music and just learning riffs
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It's not so clear where you're stuck but depending on what it is, i'd suggest that you try write you own music. Challenge yourself with composing your own tracks. This will get the best in you out, and will really expose the dirt as far as what needs work. When you listen to you playing your own tunes you'll find quite a number of things that 'you think you could do better' and THAT's what you should work on. It will occupy a lot of your time, but it won't be in vain. Get some buddies to listen to whatever you write...and try as much as possible to do complete songs, not just riffs or little solos over backing tracks.
All the best.