i wrote this because i was bored and it kinda came out ok. the end isn't done i just made it so i just didn't like stop randomly ha. um rate comment and whatever else. and C4C of course!
metalcore nonsense.gp5
I like it, the melody lines sound great. But I'm not really of a big fan of the riff starting at measure 9 and the one at measure 28. The one at 9'd probably sound better with vocals going over it, but I just dont like it much. At 28 I dont think those chords sound too good; they sound too happy to be in a metalcore song. But besides that its a great song.

Care to check out one of mine?
Here have a waffle!
hey thanks for taking the time for listening to my weird song. yeah the main riff breakdown thingy is weird but its different from ya cliche metalcore stuff so thats something at least, ha. ill be sure to do yours right now!
Hmm, in my opinion, after bar 48, it should lead to an explosion of sorts, because its just a really huge buildup you have going, and then it just kinda falls i guess :/ Or maybe it could just lead straight to bar 57, leaving out that one repetition of that riff
The song does have an ABR feel, which is good (to me). That main breakdown at bar 9 was pretty kickass too. And the riff after that was also good, the lead part helped a lot. And thats your whole song...pretty good!
thanks guys! any songs i should crit from either of you guys?

edit: one down!
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