Okay, so I promise this is my last topic about this, I've finally figured out my money situation and have done some more research about what's available and what I might want to get.

I've figured out that I can spend about $600 max--this is already stretching my budget so that's really a top end figure. I play in a Christian worship band so cleans are really important but I do play some lightly distorted stuff from time to time. I'm a big Hillsong fan so I think the Vox sound is what I'm looking for.

I've got 3 choices: The AC15VR, AC30VR, and AC15C1. Out of those, the 15VR is about $180 cheaper which is obviously a nice bonus, but I understand that it's a hybrid amp while the 15C1 is all-tube. I play a Peavey Vypyr 75 right now so I'm used to the solid state sound. I think even a 15/30VR would be a big improvement, and from watching Youtube reviews I really like the sound.

So, some questions:

1. The AC30VR is twice the wattage of either of the other options. I usually play in small rooms but sometimes in a smallish auditorium that seats 150 people or so. Will I run into headroom issues with the AC15 or 15VR?

2. The AC30VR is 2x12 while the other two are 1x12. Will I notice the difference there and is it important?

3. Out of the three choices, which would you pick and why?

Thanks for all the help, guys.
the vr is a hybrid modeling amp.

I'd grab the ac15c1
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You should try them out,

I play an ac 30 cc and tried the VR series mainly becasue i was curious about how it stood up to a full tube ac30, and I find it lacks the depth of a full tube amp, still sounds pretty good though and for the price...amazing! The ac15cc has a different sound than an AC30, but IMO I would say go for the AC15cc if you like it's tone, it's not too much more than an AC30VR and it's going to give you that tube depth that the VR lacks. If you want to get away from solid state the AC15cc will be a good change, and it's crazy loud! so don't worry much about the wattage, it'll stand up.

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