I wanna get a great distortion pedal. Ive heard the Boss HM-2's are amazing but they have been discontinued. I want something that can cut through with the highs, and have crushing, super lows. I want a pedal that can handle Death, Thrash, and Power Metal. I like the super lows of the Metal Core and I also like my Metal Zone. Is it a good option to try to get a Metal Core and couple it with my Metal Zone, or should I look at another option?
I've heard the Digitech's Death Metal pedal some time ago, and its Gain was... wow incredible. Only problem was that you really can play just metal, because of a missing Gain-Poti.
The best thing would be if you go in the next musicstore and try some of them out
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Hardwire TL-2.
This. In my opinion it blows every other pedal I have ever heard out of the water. I have used the Boss Metal Zone, Metal Core, Different MXR pedals, and I have never liked a pedal as much as the TL-2
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