This is different from what i normally write... I'm happy with most of it, although i'm not quite suer about the beginning... Tell me what you think.

Look at me, look at me!
Can’t you see?
All this time, who’s been here
With you and your stupid fears.
You and your dumb worries,
You and your fricking inquiries.
I’ve been sitting here, all this time
But now I’m sick of your shit,
And all I wanna do is rhyme.
Rhyme about the time
That you and your stupid friends
Tried to skateboard in an abandoned pool
You and your stupid pals
Think it’s cool to skip school.
Well, you know what buddy?
How about this, my last request.
Leave me alone, seriously, you need some rest.
I’m sick of being the best friend,
The sounding board of all your stupid concerns.
Last time you got dumped,
Well, she was a bitch.
But the time before that,
Was because you’re such a dick.
So go smoke some cigarettes,
Drink some booze,
Do some pot, whatever it is,
That you think is hot,
But, FYI, it’s actually not.
Go buy a new Xbox game,
Scam on some innocent girl
“Forget” to do your homework
Take your daddy’s car for a whirl.
Be pissed off and get into a fight,
Hell, for all I care,
Go fly a ****ing kite.
Because this is the last time,
That I say goodnight.
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You're a genius... My Best Friends is a good name for it... I honestly had a complete brain fart when it came to thinking of a name..

And thanks for commenting!