Hello everyone

I have quite a large problem atm with my Richwood tree of life.
It is around 2 years old now and does everything that I want and of course looks great
But around 4 months ago it began to snap strings very very regularly and the problem has just gotten worse since then. Up to when when my band was doing our video shoot and I snapped 4 strings in the space of an hour and half.
I have tried changing the bridge as I thought that due to the rust etc on the bridge it may have been cutting through the strings. But after around 2 weeks with the new bridge it started again!
I gig regularly with my band and it is making me very nervous when playing live knowing that any string could just suddenly go.

If anyone has had this problem before on the tree of life or any guitar please please help me out as I have no ideas left and it is costing me a fortune in strings!

ANY help would be massively appreciated!!

Much love Alex
If they snap at the bridge look for burrs on the saddles.

The following statement is true. The proceeding statement is false.
Hi guys.
Well im pretty sure that they are breaking close to the bridge, thats why i changed it, thinking that the old rusty bridge on my guitar was cutting through them. But the problem has started again with this new bridge? :S So im abit lost, thinking either this bridge is shit to, or that somehow theres being to much tension being put on the strings at the bridge?:S If that is even possible...:S

Btw thank you very much for replying
Much love