requires no sign up or anything.
from the Bugatti website.

allows you to design your very own Bugatti Veyron.

you can pick colours of interior and exterior. but thats it

still cool though


post pics of the one you thought up

i'm Ginger its fun
I would do this if it was on a car that actually looked good.
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That's cool. Reminds me of the thing on /b/ at the moment where you can design, submit and vote for a car's paint job, which will be made and auctioned off for something. They are using their sheer numbers to make the Troll Car win. The Troll Car is the FFUUU- face with a big red FFUUU- down the side. Fun times.
...In my opinion.
"Move a step closer to the extraordinary experience of witnessing the Bugatti Veyron live."

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Wtf? It looks like it's one car trapped in another car's body.
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