I was looking at this guitar as a good all-around electric (I'm mainly an acoustic player looking to get into electric. I'll probably be dealing with effects quite a bit, because I think experimenting with different sounds is the best part of having an electric.), but I've read that with high gain and distortion there is a noticeable hum. Does anyone here have experience with this guitar? Is this hum issue really something to be worried about? And if it is, can I completely get rid of it with a little shielding? Or is there always going to be some hum, even with shielding and the fact that the soap-bar MFD's are supposed to be super quiet for single-coils?

Also, if I can't get rid of the hum, what are the differences in sound between the ASAT Special and the ASAT Deluxe? The only reason I'm not so sure about the ASAT Deluxe is that I'm not sure if I'd be able to get anywhere near that jangly tele sound if I wanted to because of the humbuckers (it does have coil-tapping, but in the one video I found of it, it still sounds a little too punchy).

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First off, it's a great guitar.

How much gain do you plan on using?
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