Whats the difference between a Japanese Jazzmaster and a American Jazzmaster?
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Not much.

The pickups on the Japanese ones aren't "authentic" Jazzmaster pickups, they're thin and tall like Strat pickups on the inside, so I hear, while the US Jazzes have the original 'fat and flat' pickups which gives half of the warmer jazzier tone. (Also, I think Mexi Jazzes have pickups where the shape is halfway between and they're wound a bit hotter).

Aside from that the Japanese ones are going to be slightly lower quality in comparison to the MIA, but still very high quality from what I hear.
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Well I guess the country where they're built in
Except this difference... I would guess the quality of the american could be a bit higher?
But in the end you would hear just some differences in the shades...