does anyone own one of these? by accident, i deleted the .ini file and whatever else was on my backtrack and then it also got unplugged while i was trying to format it, so needless to say, it was pretty messed up, but i managed to get it working again on my computer, but it doesn't work when it comes to recording because it doesn't have the files on it that came with it. and the backtrack setup utility does NOT work at all to set it up again, so i need someone to give me a copy of these files in a zip through megaupload or something like that. ive tried contacting line 6 and they don't respond. i know this thing will work and i want to start using my backtrack again because it's a badass recorder.
Thanks For the suggestion man but I've tried that. Line 6 isn't big enough to have their own customer service line, the bastards. They make you submit queries through an email type thing which is stupid. It would be so much easier if someone who has one can just give me a zip of all the default backtrack files that come with it.