I used to be a major believer in an old thread that was made solely for everyone to post their MySpace profile links in. I've just recently gotten into the Twitter scene, which has really helped me stay up to date on all my favorite bands/musicians and some fellow ones that I know as well.

Anyways, I figured it might be beneficial to start a Twitter thread! So, the "rules" *if that's what you wanna call 'em* are simple. Go to the other Twitter pages of those who've posted before you, follow them *you know, as long as they're legit and stuff*, and then post /your/ Twitter page for others to follow.

Fair deal? Yeah, fair deal. haha

So, I'll start! This is the link to my solo/acoustic project's Twitter account:


I'm also in a band, but we're not quite up to beat yet, so I'll post the link to the band's Twitter account when we're on our feet. Hopefully that'll be soon!

Twitter gives you an option to post a weblink on the side of your profile, which would conceivably be to a website where you could listen to the band/musician's music.

I'm not saying this is better than MySpace at all haha; I'm just saying that, personally, I've found it to be a great way to follow other musicians. That's all.