So ive been playing for about 8 months now and decided to take some lessons to help improve my playing. I know theres some people who take lessons once a week others several times a week so im wondering whats the best way to take lessons? Most places/people ive found around here charge about $15-20 for a half hour.
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In person. The number of times per week totally depends on your schedule.
Remember to ask a lot of questions.
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I think the best approach to taking lessons is, regardless of how often you're with your teacher, to not think of it as your teacher teaching you... think of it as your teacher teaching you how to teach yourself. That way when your teacher isn't there you'll be getting better and better at monitoring your practice sessions and you'll get the most out of the time you spend with the instrument.

This approach will also help you separate the good teachers from the bad teachers. Any teacher who can't help you understand how to practice probably isn't worth the money.
My 1st ever guitar teacher was crap! but i didnt realise this because i was just a beginner, my mate asked me why i wasnt getting any better after spending about £150 on lessons, he sat in with me one night and told me to dump the tutor.

Anyway i just started to teach myself guitar with online lessons, it was better for me cause i was learning something new every night and not getting bored. I suppose it sometimes comes down to money and sometimes comes down to the fact that the best player in the world can be a sh@t teacher.

I'd teach myself at home then when good enough with a song i'd pluck up some courage to go to an open mic night and dive right in at the deep end, the 1st time you get up there on your own will be one of the best lessons you can teach yourself....and what a buzz!!!
1 hour per week works fine for me. After each lesson I get like 4-5 assignments which keep me very busy for the week.

There are also some weeks where I just have loads of questions and we just talk for an hour and thats the great think about having a guitar teacher. He/she can adjust the pace of the lessons according to your needs.