a friend of mine told me that taking the backplate off the back of a stratocaster and just leaving it so you could see the springs would make the guitar sound better cause it would improve the tone.
is this true or is it bull?
if it is im curious as to why lol
Have no clue if it makes the sound different (which I doubt completely) but I'm sure you could probably screw up your guitar. He's probably messing with you.
I had the back plate off and it didn't screw up the guitar, but it probly will do a sum total of jack shite to your tone.

Clapton's blackie didnt have a back plate so its not gonna screw it up. As for tone, i have no idea.
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won't change the tone.

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Come to think of it, I don't think any of the early stratocasters had a backplate. They probably just put it on to avoid damage. Earlier they probably kept it off because it was easier to change strings that way, and to keep the price down.