We'll put 1500$ USD as max. I need a fantastic clean channel, decent low-gain, and great rock tones. Gain wise, I max out around 80's van halen, so I don't need to worry about huge metal lead tones. Reverb is preferred, but not necessary. If it's a combo, it needs to be a 1x12; if it's a head, recommend a 112 cab :P It's gonna be fitting in a physically small place, thus the small cab.

-Good clean through medium gain (Van halen max)
-Prefer reverb
-112 combo, or head and recommend 112 cab
-Willing go used, online, and ebay

Love Marshall sounds, and love 6L6 leads (I know, quite different :P). I'll be playing with a Taylor T5 C1, and maybe a Gibson SG classic occasionally
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i would suggest a engl screamer or thunder. they both come in a 1x12 they both have great clean channels and a great distortion / over drive. engl makes great sounding boutique tube amps i suggest finding a dealer and giving one a try




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Quote by vaca11
EVH sound ?

6505 or 6505+ ?

^ good clean tone^ No lol
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Where's Acoustic Mirror recommending a JCA100? He's slipping.
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Where's Acoustic Mirror recommending a JCA100? He's slipping.


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CccccccOMBO BREAKER!!!!!

@handbana ....good cleans mid gain, jcm800 2203?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer