I sit here with my virgin bottle of pills and my idiosyncracies and I don't care and all the birds are good for me but the wolves have gone and the smile has left your face and the blue seeds have sown but that's all we've spent so far and the pumps have dried but we aren't thirsty and the seagulls have come to die with their friends and their lovers and we all sit and read with out blind eyes and eras all our own but this twenty cents won't buy me shit and it won't get you anywhere kid, but I have forgotten your face anyway so I'll continue on my way shoveling out ninety-mile per hour vindications trying to scrub away the jealous thoughts from my jealous head have gone anywhere but here but the colour red is still my favourite and the disease has still spread and my little sister was diagnosed last fall but what really mattered was how she ticked and tocked on that swingset before jumping and scraping her knee with no one to run to or cry to like the crimson eagles and the bears basking in their sadness but not every one of them is me because I am no one.
man, you did it you ******* did it, YOU HIT THE SPOT. You broke my heart without any remorse yet i continue reading. you are truly the king around here, this was gawddamn fantastic, really I am in tears. ******* brilliant! That last line was pure genius; You're one of my favorite writers on here and this was one amazing piece. when it's good, it's soo good. you very much deserve any commendation you receive, i really wish i had all of that. the wonderful rhyming, the flow, the rhythm and pace are wonderfully perfect. I LOVE YOU.

EDIT: I wait patiently for your inevitable publication.
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OMGGGGOOSSSHHH that was beautiful. this is like shakespeer but modern and better. virgin bottle of pills? That's so amazing. i'll never write as good as this, WoTW easily. WORK OF THE YEAR!