I had such a hard time finding a demo of all the effects and presets before I purchased my Nova System. Most video were specific to something and would not give me the whole picture. Stores near me either they did not have one I could test or the one they had was not functional. That is why I decided to put something together for those of you that are interested in this unit:

Part I - The Effects:

Part II - The Presets:

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Sounds pretty cool! I'm still not convinced that these sound better than the M13, but its nice to finally see a really comprehensive demo of it
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Yeah, it was a tough decision for me between the M13/M9 and the Nova System. I chose the Nova System only because it has an "analog" overdrive and distortion, which I use a lot and that particular effect sounds better than the M multi-effects. Besides that it was a close call. I even consider the Digitech GSP1101 but I quickly dismissed it for the lack of demos on their effects (I could not find one to try out in my area).