Hey everyone, my current amp is a Marshall JCM 2000 tsl 100 head, and 1960 cab.

For the past few months I have been debating on wether or not to sell my stack and buy a Vox ac 30 cc2x.

I listen to a bunch of different music, so I will just list my current favorites:

Bright Eyes
The Mars Volta (Omar uses a Ac30 for most volta recordings)
At the drive in
Black Sabbath ( Paranoid only)
The Devil Wears Prada
Various free jazz artists ( Think sun Ra)
Cage the elephant
Crystal Castles
Animal Collective
Elliott Smith
Explosions In the sky
Minus the bear
The White Stripes

Now a little background on myself:

I'm not currently in a band, and I don't intend on being in one for a long time.
I record music constantly for various things.
I have a schecter c1 blackjack with Jb and 59 that are coil tapped
and various fender strats.

I will be buying the Vox used no doubt, because Ill only be getting around 1200 for my stack if I do sell it.

If anyone knows about the other ac30s please let me know your opinions.

the ac30 is a good amp, but keep in mind that the 2000 is all tube, while the ac30 is a hybrid, not all tube. And the Vox is more for cleans and rock. Will not do very well for all the metal you play. Keep the 2000, looking at the bands you like to play it would actually be really foolish of you to sell the jcm for a vox. Maybe sell it and get a JCM 800, or a Mesa Dual Rectifier. They would probably suit you much better.