Beginning i kinda had down from doin it b4, just kinda did w/e with the rest over a finger picked acoustic rythm n generic drums. Sorry sound quality has a few minor issues so dont CRANK it, lil bit of clipping, but not too bad. Kinda wanna make it into more of a song, just all i got so far! Btw, both guitars down a step! Few minor finger slips along the way, but not a FINISHED product, lol... c4c! Just wondering how you think the solo fits, or if it doesnt at all!


no title improv

That was awesome dude. I don't know what else to say. I just wish you would've recorded the lead louder. Good job. You must really have your minor scale down pat if you improvised that! Make some more!
BTW, are you using a wah sometimes? Some of those squeals you pull off reminds me of Zakk Wylde. Very cool.

Here's a little diddy I improvised myself just to test out some recording techniques. Check it out and leave a comment if you can.
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Like it! Nothing else to add........
I have become........comfortably numb
Thanks guys, i will check out those things you posted. And no Wah. Its funny i originally was doing it with one when i was messing around, but i ended up not liking it, so before i made up that one i took it off. And yea....i do mess with minor scale a lot, i usually just mess around liek this tryin to come up with stuff while improving my ability...dont really learn much in the way of covers tho...

.Also like i said the beginning part thats real slow compared to the rest of the lead....i had that lil part id thrown together b4 and just kept using it. Then the rest of the lead part i just do off the scale, and i took a couple go's at it that totally sucked, but i dont write anything down or go into it with any kind of real idea, just kinda play w/e comes out when i hear backing. Thats why i say "improvise"...so if thats not TRULY improvising it by takin a couple cracks (usually quite different each time) at it b4 i get one i really like, then so be it, lol
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