I'm looking to drop a duncan lil' demon in my Tele. I've been told this is only a Strat pick up. Dose anyone know if this will work? An work w/ the same pots?? I've never changed pick ups out before. Anyone have a diagram for this? I don't have 60 bucks to pay my guitar guy.
Check it fits, IIRC it's a sive difference between a Strat & Tele p/up because the Tele one has to sit in the bridge.

If you look on the Duncan site there's plenty of wiring diagrams.
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you'll need to cut around the pickguard a bit. the strat neck is a bit bigger then the tele neck in all directions.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
You are talking about the neck pickup yeah? It would be very awkward to put a strat pickup in a tele bridge.
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It's a bridge like pick up....You ever see a duncan lil' demon? It's almost like a lil' dubble single pick-up