i changed cables
is the power supply or needs repair

the warranty is covered
but i think the shipp can be more expensive than a local store repair
here in puerto rico island theres no peavety dealers

what can i do?
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take it to an authorized peavy repair shop.
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Okay, I'm sorry, please don't take offense at this...

Are you sure the power cable in the back is plugged in securely? I've made that mistake more times than I can remember with my Vypyr 75 and every time I have this brief "oh no" feeling before I remember to check it.

You said you changed cables but I wasn't sure if you meant the power cable or your guitar cable.
Quote by mokko
i cant see any fuse on vypyr 75 on the back

the cable is ok

It's a internal fuse meaning it's in the amp.Drop the amp from the cab and you will see it,if it's not blown you have a bad pc board and will need it serviced.I had a 75 aswell and had fuse and board problems with mine several times,even after peavey had supposedly fixed it.I got tired of messing with the vypyr and opted for a different amp all together.Good luck peavey service isn't the best so if it needs service be prepared to go without it for a couple months
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take it to any shop, i'm about 99% sure you just have a blown fuse. a new fuse costs like $5