Recently, I've found that I don't really vary the strums I use in different ska songs. I've been playing the simple strum you can hear in lots of Sublime songs, but nothing necessarily special.

Any help?
If you could provide recordings of strums, that would help a lot, because I can understand them a lot better by hearing them than by having them explained through text.

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A good example of Ska is any track off of Franz Ferdinand's debut album.

I suppose some of those tracks could be considered ska, but I'm feeling it's more alternative. I like Franz Ferdinand, but I don't necessarily classify it was ska.

Some of the strum patterns can be useful though.
Ska strumming, from what i've heard, is mostly always the same...

Muted strum on the down, up-strum followed by staccato down...

Like Special Brew by Bad Manners or Baggy Trousers by Madness.