Really dumb question and I know the Pit is gonna give me shit for this but how do I change the thing under my name that says 'Registered User'
Here's the 6 steps to changing it:

1. Go out into the nearest forest.
2. Stay out there until you have a spiritual vision.
3. Once this is accomplished, you must find your spirit animal.
4. Pray to the almighty god of your choice.
5. Sacrifice the one you love most, to said god..
6. It will now be changed.
theres a rare blue flower that grows on the eastern slopes, pick it and bring it to the top of the mountain. then the mods will change it for you
Emerse your soul in love

You used to be alright What happened?

Yellow tigers crouched in jungles in her Dark Eyes .
There's no such thing as a dumb question, just a question that's easy to answer.
But you are in fact a moron.
They made me do push ups in drag

I'm gonna have a really hard time if we're both cannibals and racists.

Don't dress as a whore, he'll thump you.

I'm a firework, primed to go off