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so pit, what influenced you to play guitar? for me, it was this guy on youtube called zack kim who really impressed me back then. now i don't care for him, although he's still impressive.
I grew up around music. But was originally a drummer. Watching Mark Tremonti got me into guitar. I don't know any of his songs tho, bc I got frustrated with damn near every song being in a different tuning.
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A combination of Metallica, Between the Buried and Me, and a friend who happens to be a solid guitar player all enticed me to pick up the guitar.
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My brother is 8 years older than me and started playing when he was 9. Grew up with zeppelin, aerosmith, and that progressed to jazz when he went to berklee. Decided to take it up myself.
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For a long time, I wasn't into it even though I owned a guitar. I honestly don't know what it was specifically that influenced me, I only remember the time I didn't play consistently, and then when I did play consistently.. It's weird.
SOAD, don't listen to them any more or anything even close to their style, though I still think their songs are great. It's also what got me into metal, before that I only listened to VG remixes and... hip hop. *whimpers*
A few things. I was really into acting when I was younger. I used to do plays in both school and the local theater. I tried learning how to sing to improve my chances of getting decent parts in musicals. So I picked up a guitar as an instrument just to accompany my voice.

Eventually, I noticed that my dad was proud of me for my guitar playing. He would love it when I played "rock" music. And so I eventually dropped theater completely and started playing guitar and singing. I honestly never enjoyed guitar that much, but I do enjoy playing with friends.

And if I really had to pick a big inspiration, it would be this guy...

I remember falling in love with the idea of being like KK. Just wandering around the world with nothing but a guitar and singing to people.

If only the world were that great of a place right?
The searchbar influenced me


Actually Tom Scholz is my influence for the record

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for me, it was two live albums that did it: the song remains the same, and i just totally fell in love with jimmy page (no homo).
and then unleashed in the east, specifically the guitar solo at the end of tyrant, where both downing and tipton played. it was just the most epic thing i had ever heard in my life.
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i wanted to play the music i liked
and also i though it wouldnt hurt with the ladies
edit ^that reason is more likely it
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I had quit World of Warcraft (yes...) and didn't really have anything to occupy my time with. I was just getting into rock and I loved Husker Du That coupled with picking up my sisters acoustic guitar which she never touched got me playing music.

I mostly give credit to Husker Du though.
Dream Theatre were the first band I listened to where the vocals weren't always the focus. I wanted to make sounds like Petrucci did.
Sort of branched from that but I definitely put my inspiration as him.
Saw an Ozzy concert on TV when I was like 11 or 12. When I saw and heard Zack Wylde play my jaw hit the floor. Decided that I wanted to be just like him and he was my hero for the next year or two. Then I realized he was annoying with his constant squeeling, and got into playing acoustic stuff.
Boobs and my desire to touch them. Also Jimmy Page. Mostly, my mom was going to give away my dad's guitar if I didn't play it.
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Heard opening solo from "No Remorse" by 'tallica at age 12.

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well i was playing drums but i wrote every song in my band, i would hum the part to the guitarist but that only worked once. so my bassist recommended i learn guitar, they helped me with it, the guitarist was hella jealous because i progressed much faster than him (he could be amazing if he practiced more often), then i joined 2 more bands, and in 1 i would play both guitar and piano/keyboards, but i recently quit all 3 of them, got a bass from a family friend, and now im forming a band as bassist and lead singer, and when we find a drummer, it'll be a 6-part band, in which i write every single song on pretty much every instrument.
so thats my history with the guitar.
Started with just a love for music, played trumpet for one year but didnt want to do christmas songs and classical all the time so i switched it for guitar, didnt like it at first but once i played for a few weeks i discovered Tom Morello.... totally pushed me to create some of those sounds like he did and such RIFFAGE!
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Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and my friend who is sick at guitar got me into it. The guy gave me my first distortion pedal and good amp, taught me a lot of stuff, I owe him a lot for that. But the inspiration all comes from those bands, they made me pickup the guitar.
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Guitar Hero 3. I heard Before I Forget and was like "Zomg, that is so ****ing cool, I'm going to learn guitar now, I mean, I'm good at this, why wouldn't I be good at the real thing?"
I was a loser and wanted to be cool. Nuff said.

I write songs.
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the band lamb of god. ive always liked the sound of guitars but something about the way willie and mark play made me say "thats incredible, thats what i want to do." i actually got my first guitar when i was 4 but i just liked putting it on and looking like a badass lol. i still have it in my closet actually
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My dad had a guitar, amp, and distortion pedal lying around. I don't even remember any bands that really made me want to play. I just figured "what the heck, might as well give it a try"

Funny thing is, unlike a lot of people, listening to music didn't get me into playing guitar. Playing guitar got me into listening to music.
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My dad had a guitar, amp, and distortion pedal lying around. I don't even remember any bands that really made me want to play. I just figured "what the heck, might as well give it a try"

Funny thing is, unlike a lot of people, listening to music didn't get me into playing guitar. Playing guitar got me into listening to music.

playing drums got me into music
Its kind lame but Metalocalypse. It also got me into metal, so I thank Brendon Small. Yes I started listening to metal at 16, so what, and I started guitar at 18, big deal. Im 20 btw.
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