so im trying to make a tab, and im about 25% into it, then something pops out saying ''you are about to send confidential data to ultimate-guitar.com over a non-secure session you sure you want to send data'', i was just wondering why this pops out because then if i press cancel my tab gets deleted and i have to tab it again,
Best thing to do is write the tab in a text document, save it, then copy/paste into the tab submission thing. Doesn't really answer your question exactly, but it's always good to have a copy of your tab, in case something happens to it.
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Yea I did that, I have it saved in a text document, but anyways when I copy and paste it that thing still pops out when I go to another window and I try to put 1 thing down that thing pops out, last time I send my tabs so it could get confirm they denied it, which I don't know why, probably because of that or I don't know
That happens me sometimes when i fill out any sort of form on the computers in college, to be honest i wouldn't worry about it.

Just say that yes you are sure you want to send data, and it should work out fine